mavericks Half Moon Bay Surfing

Harbor View Inn invites tourists to try Surfing Spots in Half Moon Bay

The great coastal state of California is home to many different attractions and one of the most popular among them are its beaches. The coast line of California is the setting for many different attractions and activities. Some of the most popular among them include beach volleyball, swimming, whale watching and fishing trips. But surfing is most likely what stands out as a fun beach activity in California and it is everywhere.

Many of California’s beaches are very good for surfing. Some of the well-known surfing destinations in the state include Malibu, Linda Mar, Ricon, Oceanside and many more. Alongside these popular beaches, Half Moon Bay is also quite a popular destination for surfing. The Harbor View Inn, located in Half Moon Bay, has consistently recommended Maverick’s as one of the best surfing spots in California. Known for its cold waters and big waves, Mavericks is very popular with surfers who look for some challenge and the chance to ride major waves.

Surfing at Half Moon Bay
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Mavericks is the best surfing beach in California for advanced and expert surfers who would like to test their skills against the giant waves. The beach stretches for about 2 miles just reaching Pillar Point Harbor. Many of the world’s best big wave surfers would visit Mavericks during the winter season and challenge the massive waves which can crest at 25 feet and reach up to 80 feet. Not every skilled surfer can become big wave surfer. This is an entire class of riders that take on the most challenging of waves in Maverick, Half Moon Bay. As a matter of fact, the big wave competition at Mavericks is an invitational event and only the most daring surfers accept the risk and challenge of riding such big waves. The great waves are caused by the unique underwater rock formation and needless to say, this is not the ideal place for beginners.

However, many novice surfers and spectators would flock to Mavericks every year during winter to see these international big wave surfers compete against each other and ride the biggest and best waves ever seen. This is truly a must see event for any one especially for out of town visitors and tourists. For those who would also like to try surfing but at much easier levels, Half Moon Bay California also features beautiful beaches that are suited for families and beginner surfers. Some of these beaches include the Half Moon Bay State Beach, Dunes Beach, Redondo Beach and Surfer’s Beach.

In any case, a visit to Half Moon Bay is truly a worthwhile experience. With many beautiful beaches, fishing tours, whale watching opportunities and one of the most thrilling surfing competitions in the world, visitors are never bored. Many tourists would book ahead in Harbor View Inn for the big wave competition as accommodations do go fast during this one of a kind surfing event.


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