School is Back for the Kids, The Perfect Time for a Little Couple Getaway in Half Moon Bay  


School is fast approaching and children are busy preparing for school. Ah, no doubt busy children mean a bit more time for you and your partner. What better way to spend some extra time than to frolic around a white foamy beach away from the noisy city? Half Moon Bay would be the perfect place for you and your other half to pop your umbrella and lie around lazily in the sand.

The well-renowned Halprinceton-by-the-sea-pillar-point-trail-3b480f Moon Bay is a mere 45 minutes away from San Francisco. It is a picturesque enclave where you may enjoy the lively view of the ocean, treat yourselves with delicious delicacies offered by classy restaurants, experience different kinds of wines from local wineries and take a glance at local art galleries in the historic section. Indulge your romantic feelings by strolling around the area on a horseback ride along a crescent-shaped coast.

For those who are more of the outdoorsy type, the place is an excellent place to stretch your sore muscles — take a hike or paddle a kayak. Half Moon Bay is also popular with families. It is an ideal place to take your family out to enjoy the view of the bay. The children will enjoy the beach, tide pooling and train ride at the Lemos Farm while the grownups enjoy the wining and dining, and the relaxing ambience of the frothy ocean.


If you are seeking for a quiet yet fun and adventurous time away from the city, Half Moon Bay is the place to be!


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