5 Places to Visit in Half Moon Bay

The charming little town called Half Moon Bay is a haven of many inexpensive activities and tourist attractions. Here’s our own personal list of things you shouldn’t miss while staying in Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Beach

1. Half Moon Bay State Beach

The Half Moon Bay Beach is a four-mile stretch of beach that kisses the Pacific Ocean. It is a great place for awesome activities such as horseback riding and whale watching.

2. Mystic Gifts

Relive the days of fairies and dragons as you stop over Mystic Gifts — “Where Women Feel Beautiful And Children Delight in Fairy Tales”. The charming store displays assorted magical and mystical items such as fairies, mermaids, angels, scented candles, and crystals.

3. Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Warm your night with seasonal ales from Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. The place also offers a lot of sumptuous meals like fish and chips, fish tacos, and burgers!

4. Lemos Family Farm

Lemos Family Farm, Pumpkin Patch

Vacationing with your little ones? Lemos Family Fatrm is the place to be! This darling little farm is perfect for children. Pony rides, train rides and other fun stuff for kids are available here. Since Summer has just ended and Fall has begun, you should know that the farm hosts a great Halloween On the Farm pumpkin patch and their famous Scare Zone, and during the Winter the farm turns into a Holiday Wonderland!

5. Coastside Books

A haven for bookworms, Coastside Books offers a carefully edited selection of current fiction, biography, history, science and nature, spiritual books and Children’s literature. Find great books at bargain prices and send out artsist-made cards to family and friends from Coastide Books.



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