Coastside Trail

Discovering Half Moon Bay| The Waterfront Coastside Trail

half moon bay coastside trail

Half Moon Bay does not only boast of spectacular beaches and amazing water sports activities. There is more to the place than sun, sand and sea. The place also boasts of various non-water activities such as hiking!

Hikers (local and non-locals) must not miss out on the Coastside Trails’s easy and scenic hiking trail along the Pacific coast. The 6-mile  paved trail from Pillar Point Harbor to Poplar Avenue has been helping beginner hikers fulfill their hiking goals. Hikers can go as far as they want and stop along the way to bask and enjoy the sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and engage in nature activities such as bird watching.

Coastside Trail for family
via Chasqui Mom

The Coastside Trail is truly a destination trail. You can bring your whole family along with you. The trail is easy and safe for children and the fascinating view of the ocean will keep them interested. Anyone can access the trail for free but it can get crowded at times. The best times to visit the place are spring, fall and winter, as it’s less crowded. Be sure to wear sunscreen even if it’s foggy and layered clothing, as the temperature can change often with fog and wind. Bring binoculars and camera too. If you’re only planning to pack light you don’t have to worry about food and water, there are restaurants along the way.

Special Side Note

Hikers, bikers, and joggers who are planning to bring their dogs must keep their furry friends on the leash AT ALL TIMES. Keeping dogs off their leash is considered an infraction and will be dealt with accordingly by local officers.

Have you been to the Coastside Trail before? Tell us all about your experience! We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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