Best Time to Go Shopping On Black Friday

Economists predict that Bay Area shoppers are likely to buy more than others around the country due to the pace of economic recovery here. If you’re planing for a shopping spree this coming Back Friday  you are sure to come home with bags overflowing with awesome deals. However, with the increased population of shoppers in our area, a hassle-free shopping is not a guarantee.

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and for seasoned shoppers it also means an endless array of best-of-year sales. It is a very busy shopping day so we have made a list of the best time for you to shop with its corresponding pros and cons.


The Crack of Dawn

Pros: Shoppers lining outside stores is a classic image of Black Friday shopping rush. Being one of the first to arrive at your favorite store means that you’ll be able to be the first one to grab that doorbuster deal. Black Friday deals are often limited-time or limited-stock offers  only so if you’ll plan your day right and race for the display as soon as the key is turned you’ll definitely have more chances of getting your dream deals.

Cons: Undeniably, waiting up for the store to open can be physically tiring. Also, expect some pushing and shoving since you won’t be the only one gunning for the top deals.


Later In The Day

Pros: If you’re not a morning person, getting good deals on a Black Friday shopping spree is still possible. Most stores will keep some sales going all day long and there will still be a lot of deals available until noon or even later.

Shopping later in the day will also mean that the crowd will have thinned out significantly. You’ll definitely be able to navigate through thhe shopping aisles more easily at this time of the day.

Cons: There won’t be as many doorbuster deals as there are during the early shopping hours. If you want to snag the best item, shopping early is your best bet.


Online Shopping

Pros: The last but certainly not the least option – online shopping! Shopping in your PJ’s with a few mouse clicks is a popular trend nowadays. Many online shops run comparable sales to brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday. No more lining up, no more shoving and elbowing other people.

Cons: Shopping through your computer screen is not nearly as fun as joining the Black Friday madness. There’s nothing quite like tossing as many hot buys in your cart as possible, then rushing to the checkout, so you can head out to the next store.


Whichever shopping option you decide, remember that it’s always best to do your research ahead of time. Look around and take note of the regular price of items, so you know which deals are worth your time and money, and come up with a list of which stores you want to hit and the items you want to get there. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Happy Shopping!

This post ins an adaptation of CBS SF Bay Area’s article. Read original post here.


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