A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Half Moon Bay

With it’s lovely coastal area, the relaxing beach and quiet rural community, the Bay Area City of Half Moon Bay has always been considered one of the most romantic places in the world. So if you’re in the mood for an indulgent, unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your special someone, there’s no better place to be than in Half Moon Bay.

Get the romantic fire sizzlin’ with a romantic dinner at the most romantic restaurants in Half Moon Bay.

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1. Navio

Take your loved one’s breath away with delicious food, superb restaurant service and the beautiful ocean view.  Navio is set in the beautiful Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay and reservations are required if you want to have a go here. Price might get a little steep on a special occasion like this but it will be worth it with their vast selection of food choices. They have everything from traditional breakfast items, sushi, caviar, fresh seafood, prime rib, dim sum, cheeses, pastries, and desserts.

2. Miramar Beach Restaurant

There is nothing like watching a sunset on the beach while at dinner with your favorite person in the world. The restaurant has big windows all around it and a gorgeous patio which allows you to see the fabulous scenic view that surrounds the area.\

3. Pasta Moon

Celebrate your special day in this quaint, romantic restaurant with a pre-fix four course menu at Pasta Moon. This is a place for good, authentic Italian food. Many swear by their food as ‘something I would get again in a heartbeat’.


Take your special someone to a romantic adventure. Half Moon Bay offers great outdoor activities you’ll surely remember for a lifetime.

1. Whale Watching

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For a romantic adventure, hit the high seas to witness the annual migration of the gray whales. Through the months of February and March, approximately 15,000 gray whales swim south from the icy waters of the Arctic to mate and nurse their young in the warm, shallow lagoons along Magdalena Bay in Baja, California. Gray whales move at a steady speed of about five miles per hour, and most can be spotted in an area that extends from the kelp beds (about 3/4 miles from the shoreline) out to the horizon.

Several local companies offer whale-watching excursions:

2. Kayak Pillar Point Harbor

There may be nothing more romantic than paddling through the gorgeous Pillar Point Harbor on a tandem kayak with the one you love. For inquiries, contact Half Moon Bay Kayak, 2 Johnson Pier, (650) 773-6101, or visit their website here.


We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day with whomever you choose to spend it with.


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