10 Ways to Rock Your Christmas Present

Christmas is nearly upon us and here are the ways for you to rock your Christmas gift wrapping this year. These beautifully wrapped gifts will not only impress but will really show someone you care.

1. Adorn Your Gifts

christmas-gifts-m-300x300.jpgPretty up your presents by attaching bells or ornaments. Use the same color ribbon on all your packages under the Christmas tree to make a cohesive look with different patterned wrapping papers.

2. Match Gift Tags To Your Color Scheme


Pair pre-printed gift tags that reinforce your Christmas decorating scheme with boxes wrapped in chocolate and metallic to add character under the tree.

3. Wrap Gifts To Match Your Decor

Embellish gifts with Christmas ornaments that coordinate with your decor.

4. Make Your Own Gift Tags


Make your own gingerbread man gift tags out of playing cards. Use a cookie cutter to trace the shape onto a deck of cards. Cut out and punch a hole in the tops to string onto Christmas gifts and ribbons. Bright paper finishes the look.

5. Get Creative With Gift Tags


Save money by making your own gift tags. Use a color copier to make copies of tartan fabrics, and cut it into rectangles to create gift tags. Add bells as a finishing touch.

6. Give Goodie Bags


Let your decorations double as goodie bags. These faux cardinals roost on baskets of treats that can be gifts for departing guests or something extra on a Christmas morning.

7. Wrap Gifts in Burlap


Send your guests away with something thoughtful to mark the occasion by wrapping a simple gift in burlap. Display them by the gate or door so that friends can pick them up as they depart.

8. Choose a Gift Wrapping Style


Set the scene with beautifully packaged gifts under the tree. Try a traditional, natural, vintage or glitzy look for picture-perfect packages.

9. Wrap Luxuriously


Layer varying widths of ribbon on top of each other for a pretty presentation. Finish off packages with colored tags embellished with calligraphy.

10. Forget Red & Green

Give your gifts decor-worthy style with patterned papers, white satin ribbons, and clever tie-ons.


SOURCE: www.twizzle.co.uk

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