Romantic Ways to Show Your Love for Someone

There are plenty of things you can do to show your love, keep the romance alive and make your beloved feel special.This Valentine’s Day you just have to do something out of ordinary to show how much you love them.

Write a love letter.


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Don’t worry about not being a professional writer. Write a personal note from the heart, telling your honey everything you love about them and why your life is so much better with them in it. And if you really want to get creative, you might try your hand at writing a poem.

Create a photo book of your favorite memories together.

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Pick out photos of special times you have shared together. Use an online image publishing company like Shutterfly or go to your local big box store or pharmacy’s photo center and upload your photos. Pick the design you want to use to tell your story. And the image publishing company or photo center will create and print your book.

Make a surprise package.

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Fill a bag with items you know your loved one likes such as sweet or salty snacks and other little tokens of your affection. Include a personal note and slip the goody bag into their purse, briefcase or lunch bag.

Engage in an activity your loved one likes to do.

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If your partner loves sports, get tickets to the big game and go together. Pay attention to the game and show your interest instead of acting bored. Or if your partner is into cultural events, go to a gallery opening or theater performance. Challenge yourself to learn something new.

Pamper them.

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Run a bubble bath for her and light a few candles. Take care of getting the kids to bed while she relaxes. Or, give your loved one a foot massage to relieve sore muscles and help them relax.


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