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TOP 3 Tourists Spot in Half Moon Bay via TripAdvisor

The city of Half Moon Bay rests on the Pacific Coast in one of the most beautiful coastlines that California has to offer. It is located approximately 28 miles south of San Francisco which make it one of the favorite tourist destination in the Bay Area.

If you are touring Half Moon Bay for the first time, read on…because you are about to discover the gems in this city.

TripAdvisor has listed top 30 tourist destination in Half Moon Bay and today we will uncover the TOP 3.

1. Half Moon Bay State Beach

Half Moon Bay State Beach
This photo was originally published in TripAdvisor

If you are into picnicing, fishing and sunbathing this is could be the best beach for you. It has four miles of broad, sandy beaches stretch out perfect for lounging or beach bumming.

The beach is located a half-mile west of Highway 1 with 3 parking lots in the City of Half Moon Bay. The three parking and beach access points are below:

Francis Beach, at the end of Kelly Avenue in the City of Half Moon Bay.
Venice Beach, at the end of Venice Boulevard off Highway 1.
Dunes Beach at the end of Young Avenue off Highway 1.

Learn More About the Half Moon Bay State Beach Here

2. Mavericks

Mavericks Half Moon Bay
This photo was originally published in Wikipedea

Mavericks is one of the best surfing location in North California. It has been favorited by a lot of professional surfers. The beach stretches for about 2 miles just reaching Pillar Point Harbor. Many of the world’s best big wave surfers would visit Mavericks during the winter season and challenge the massive waves which can crest at 25 feet and reach up to 80 feet. Not every skilled surfer can become big wave surfer. This is an entire class of riders that take on the most challenging of waves in Maverick, Half Moon Bay. As a matter of fact, the big wave competition at Mavericks is an invitational event and only the most daring surfers accept the risk and challenge of riding such big waves. The great waves are caused by the unique underwater rock formation and needless to say, this is not the ideal place for beginners.

Learn More About Mavericks Here

3. Pescadero Beach

Pescadero Beach review
A review Posted in TripAdvisor

Pescader means “a place to fish” in Spanish.

Pescadero Beach has a mile-long shoreline with sandy coves, rocky cliffs, tide pools, fishing spots and picnic facilities.

Pescadero Beach
Photo was originally published in TripAdvisor

The beach is located 14.5 miles south of Half Moon Bay on Highway One.

Seasons/Climate/Recommended clothing
The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

Dogs are prohibited on the beach and in the Natural Preserve at all times. Please refrain from removing shells, driftwood, and other natural beach features.

Learn More About Pescadero Beach Here

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See How to Enjoy Half Moon Bay through Instagram Posts

Summer is almost here, but a lot of locals and tourists has been already taking advantage of enjoying Halfmoon Bay spring love. We hand picked top 5 best photos shot in Halfmoon Bay shared via Instagram.

1. Fishing is the name of the Game:

Didn’t get any myself, but these two got one! ~80 pulls #salmonfishing #saltlife #salmon #fishermenneverlie #newcaptainpete #hmb #halfmoonbay #pillarpointharbor #girlsfishtoo #girlwhofish #fisherwoman #fishing #fishingtrip #salmontrolling #oceanfishing

This photo from @fishermenneverlie is undeniably showing so much fun!

2. Travel in Style

Half moon Bay with family #weekend #lunch #americanlife #halfmoonbay #hotel #Ritzcarlton #withfamily

@elaine_yuling_liao is definitely looking gorge and fashionable in this photo.

3. MUST eat seafood.

#seafood lovely restaurant!! #Halfmoonbay #Saturday #summer #family


@yingyyz sure know how to spend the weekend 🙂

4. Water view is LOVE!

My favorite #nature walk along the bluffs overlooking #Mavericks in #HalfMoonBay #California


Can we all agree that @outdoorfashionista to experience such a lovely place?

5. Can’t forget about the coffee.

#Latte #coffee #arataicafe #halfmoonbay ☕



Who doesn’t love coffee? Well there might be some. But isn’t @michelleholtzhausen to be in Halfmoon bay and enjoy coffee too?

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8 Things to Do in San Francisco to Enjoy With the Family

December is the perfect time to visit San Francisco if you want to escape blizzards and the biting, cold snow. Luxury holiday time in San Francisco can be spent shopping around the quirky boutiques in town or dining in scrumptious restaurants, but more importantly it can be spent enjoying the different notable spots that keep their doors open and the merriment level set to high this Holiday season!

Here are some of the things to do and places to go with your family this Christmas Day.

1. Go Ice Skating

via CBS SF Bay Area

True, you can’t expect to see snow on the ground here in San Francisco, but there are ice skating rinks downtown if you want to show off your triple axels on Christmas Day. Drop by for some gliding fun in the ice skating rinks of Yerba Buena Gardens, the Embarcadero Center and Union Square.

2. Visit the San Francisco Zoo

via Macaroni Kid


Experience the Reindeer Romp at the San Francisco Zoo from Nov. 17 through Jan. 1. The kids will especially enjoy the four cute reindeer while the parents delight in the low-cost, family friendly fun. Take a little side trip to the beach afterwards which is located just right across the zoo.

On Sloat Blvd. at the Great Highway, San Francisco.

3. Relax in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens Society at Strybing Arboretum

via Golden Gate Park


Stroll through New Zealand, the Mediterranean or the Central American rain forests in the middle of the city! What a great treat for your cold feet!

Located at the Golden Gate Park, near the corner of Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way.

4. Union Street Fantasy of Lights

via fun&cheapSF

Add some more magic to your Christmas with Union Street Fantasy of Lights event where ponies dressed as reindeer, a horse-drawn carriage and costumed characters cruise the main drag of Cow Hollow. Kids will enjoy balloons, cupcakes, photo taking with Santa, face painting and thousands of sparkling holiday lights.

On Union Street between Van Ness and Steiner, San Francisco.

5. The Great Union Street Holiday Elf Hunt

via downtownic.tumblr

Don’t miss out this from Dec.5 to Dec.12. Participating merchants will be hiding a toy elf in their stores for people to find. If found, participants can write that store’s Elf name on a card and be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card! Want to join? Download the Elf Hunt Map here.

6. SantaCon

via San Francisco Citizen

Play dress up as Santa (or as a creative interpretation of him) or one of his sidekicks and join the mass pub crawl through the city during the SantaCon. Hoho ho! Click here for more information and guidelines about the event.

Keep posted for the announcement of the starting location here.

7. Lighted Boat Parade

via fun&cheapSF

The holidays are the perfect time to visit Fisherman’s Wharf as more than 60 boats festooned in lights and holiday decorations parade along the waterfront. Join the Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District and the St. Francis Yacht Club as they present the oldest and largest lighted holiday boat parade on San Francisco Bay. Click here for more information.

Boats start off of Pier 39, go west past Fisherman’s Wharf and Fort Mason, turn around at Crissy Field and head back.

8. Holiday Caroling on Union Street

via Pier39Marina

Sing along Christmas carols on Saturday December 19 at 1 pm as the Caroling Stroll occur up and down Union Street. Refreshments are served at The Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin afterwards.

On 2325 Union Street (at Steiner Street).

Enjoy the Holidays with all this fun and (mostly) free events in San Francisco! See you there!

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Best Time to Go Shopping On Black Friday

Economists predict that Bay Area shoppers are likely to buy more than others around the country due to the pace of economic recovery here. If you’re planing for a shopping spree this coming Back Friday  you are sure to come home with bags overflowing with awesome deals. However, with the increased population of shoppers in our area, a hassle-free shopping is not a guarantee.

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and for seasoned shoppers it also means an endless array of best-of-year sales. It is a very busy shopping day so we have made a list of the best time for you to shop with its corresponding pros and cons.


The Crack of Dawn

Pros: Shoppers lining outside stores is a classic image of Black Friday shopping rush. Being one of the first to arrive at your favorite store means that you’ll be able to be the first one to grab that doorbuster deal. Black Friday deals are often limited-time or limited-stock offers  only so if you’ll plan your day right and race for the display as soon as the key is turned you’ll definitely have more chances of getting your dream deals.

Cons: Undeniably, waiting up for the store to open can be physically tiring. Also, expect some pushing and shoving since you won’t be the only one gunning for the top deals.


Later In The Day

Pros: If you’re not a morning person, getting good deals on a Black Friday shopping spree is still possible. Most stores will keep some sales going all day long and there will still be a lot of deals available until noon or even later.

Shopping later in the day will also mean that the crowd will have thinned out significantly. You’ll definitely be able to navigate through thhe shopping aisles more easily at this time of the day.

Cons: There won’t be as many doorbuster deals as there are during the early shopping hours. If you want to snag the best item, shopping early is your best bet.


Online Shopping

Pros: The last but certainly not the least option – online shopping! Shopping in your PJ’s with a few mouse clicks is a popular trend nowadays. Many online shops run comparable sales to brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday. No more lining up, no more shoving and elbowing other people.

Cons: Shopping through your computer screen is not nearly as fun as joining the Black Friday madness. There’s nothing quite like tossing as many hot buys in your cart as possible, then rushing to the checkout, so you can head out to the next store.


Whichever shopping option you decide, remember that it’s always best to do your research ahead of time. Look around and take note of the regular price of items, so you know which deals are worth your time and money, and come up with a list of which stores you want to hit and the items you want to get there. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Happy Shopping!

This post ins an adaptation of CBS SF Bay Area’s article. Read original post here.

How to Reach Downtown San Francisco from the Airport

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is among the largest airline hubs on the west coast and a lot of first time vacationers arrive everyday for a taste of the fabulous San Francisco. Like many metropolitan airports, SFO lies outside of the city, in a suburb city called San Bruno. Finding your way to downtown San Francisco may pose as a challenge to first time tourists but getting to and from SFO is quite easy. Whatever your travel plans are and whatever budget you have, here’s a list of  convenient options to get you on your way.


1.  Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

BART rapid rail connects SFO to San Mateo County, San Francisco and the East Bay.  A 1-way BART ticket to downtown San Francisco costs $8.10 (5.6 euros, 5 pounds). Children under the age of four ride for free.

If you are coming from the International Terminal entrance, you will need to buy a BART ticket before you can enter the BART station. Get one from the vending machines around the airport. The automatic ticket vending machines accept United States dollars, credit and debit cards.


2.  Taxi

Each airport terminal has a taxi stand. Locate a taxi dispatcher and line up to get the next available taxi.

Taxis are more expensive than BART. A taxi ride from SFO to downtown San Francisco can cost about $40 (28 euros, 25 pounds). This includes the flagging fee, mileage, airport surplus charge, wait time and a tip. For foreigners, it is customary to tip the taxi driver approximately 10 percent of the total payable amount for taxi rides in San Francisco.


3. Shuttle

To locate a shuttle, exit the airport at the Departures level. If you just arrived, you may need to take an escalator or elevator down a level from the Arrivals level area. Cross the first lane of traffic at the cross-walk and find the shuttle dispatcher. The shuttle dispatcher will lead you to the next available shuttle van. Alternatively, if you have already booked a shuttle in advance, inform the dispatcher so he can point you to the right section for your chosen shuttle van company.

Shuttle van rides may take longer than BART or taxi rides because he driver is dropping several people off at their destinations.

Shuttles cost between $13 and $25 (9 to 17 euros, 8 to 16 pounds) but there are usually some discount if you’re having more than 1 person in your party. It is also customary to give the driver a 10 percent tip.


4. Car Rent

Once you’re off the plane, board the blue line on the Air Train, until you reach the Rental Car Center Station. The cost of car rentals will depend upon how long you intend to keep the car.

For car rentals, SFO’s Rental Car Center is a convenient location for both pick-up and drop-off, and is served by the AirTrainautomated people mover.