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TOP 3 Tourists Spot in Half Moon Bay via TripAdvisor

The city of Half Moon Bay rests on the Pacific Coast in one of the most beautiful coastlines that California has to offer. It is located approximately 28 miles south of San Francisco which make it one of the favorite tourist destination in the Bay Area.

If you are touring Half Moon Bay for the first time, read on…because you are about to discover the gems in this city.

TripAdvisor has listed top 30 tourist destination in Half Moon Bay and today we will uncover the TOP 3.

1. Half Moon Bay State Beach

Half Moon Bay State Beach
This photo was originally published in TripAdvisor

If you are into picnicing, fishing and sunbathing this is could be the best beach for you. It has four miles of broad, sandy beaches stretch out perfect for lounging or beach bumming.

The beach is located a half-mile west of Highway 1 with 3 parking lots in the City of Half Moon Bay. The three parking and beach access points are below:

Francis Beach, at the end of Kelly Avenue in the City of Half Moon Bay.
Venice Beach, at the end of Venice Boulevard off Highway 1.
Dunes Beach at the end of Young Avenue off Highway 1.

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2. Mavericks

Mavericks Half Moon Bay
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Mavericks is one of the best surfing location in North California. It has been favorited by a lot of professional surfers. The beach stretches for about 2 miles just reaching Pillar Point Harbor. Many of the world’s best big wave surfers would visit Mavericks during the winter season and challenge the massive waves which can crest at 25 feet and reach up to 80 feet. Not every skilled surfer can become big wave surfer. This is an entire class of riders that take on the most challenging of waves in Maverick, Half Moon Bay. As a matter of fact, the big wave competition at Mavericks is an invitational event and only the most daring surfers accept the risk and challenge of riding such big waves. The great waves are caused by the unique underwater rock formation and needless to say, this is not the ideal place for beginners.

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3. Pescadero Beach

Pescadero Beach review
A review Posted in TripAdvisor

Pescader means “a place to fish” in Spanish.

Pescadero Beach has a mile-long shoreline with sandy coves, rocky cliffs, tide pools, fishing spots and picnic facilities.

Pescadero Beach
Photo was originally published in TripAdvisor

The beach is located 14.5 miles south of Half Moon Bay on Highway One.

Seasons/Climate/Recommended clothing
The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

Dogs are prohibited on the beach and in the Natural Preserve at all times. Please refrain from removing shells, driftwood, and other natural beach features.

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